26 th Birmingham Girls’ Brigade has been running at Warley Baptist Church for many years. We meet
weekly on a Monday evening during term time. Girls will have the opportunity to take part in a
variety of team games and activities and are offered valuable experiences developing skills for life.
We go on regular outings, whether that be to the local park, swimming, bowling or the cinema for
example. Girls are also offered the invaluable opportunities to go on weekend residential trips and
camping in the summer with our local Boys’ Brigade. We do several fundraisers for various charities
and are actively involved in community events.
Girls’ Brigade is a fantastic place for girls of all ages to build new friendships, develop new skills and
experience new adventures. We are a big part of life at Warley and would welcome girls and their
families to join us here.
For more information please contact Amy Walker on amylouisewalker86@gmail.com