Spectacular Bonfire & Fireworks Display

.After not being able to hold their annual bonfire and fireworks last year due to Covid, Warley Baptist Church welcomed back the community to enjoy another spectacular display on Thursday evening the 4th November.

The event was sold out weeks before, as numbers were limited to accommodate people safely. At 6pm large crowds of all ages gathered with excitement outside the gates and the smell of a bonfire and jacket potatoes filled the air. Upon entering the grounds those waiting for the firework display were greeted by the Happy Coffee Man, who was serving a range of hot drinks.

As part of the entry costs children were given stickers to swap for a sparkler before the main display. Around 7pm the sky filled with a dazzling, breathtaking display of fireworks that burst into the night sky lighting up the darkness.

Well done all those folk from the church who gave up their time to put on this annual event for the community.